Nursing Blog by Michele Hardiman Practice Development and Education Facilitator.

Thursday, 16 February 2017
Nursing Blog by Michele Hardiman Practice Development and Education Facilitator.
This is the first of our Blogs which we hope to continue over the next year that will give staff and potential staff a view of what is happening in nursing in the Galway Clinic. 

The nursing team in the Galway Clinic have incorporating a philosophy of Person-centredness and use of a Person Centred Practice Framework (McCormack & McCance, 2010) into all its documents and developments over the past three years. Nursing staff aim to contribute to the positive outcomes experienced by patients who come to the Clinic to receive expert care and treatment from doctors who are leaders in their field. We know however, that being in hospital is not just about positive clinical outcomes but also about how the experience of being in hospital has been for the person. Often patients may feel afraid, embarrassed or anxious, feeling vulnerable or out of control. We endeavour as nurses to build a therapeutic relationship with the patient and their families so that they feel comfortable to ask the nurse the questions they may be afraid to ask, or to discuss their fears and anxieties. As nurses we wish to anticipate and be sensitive to the unique and individual needs, likes and dislikes we can only know this through getting to know the patient. This is what being person-centred means, it differs from a more traditional way of nursing where we focused solely on the patient's needs related to their clinical procedure or illness. This helps our new hospital by-line coming to life "What matters is you".

Person-centredness is not new but evidence suggests that it doesn’t happen on its own and needs to be facilitated within the workplace to come to life.  The Galway Clinic are using a model of facilitation developed in the Galway  Clinic and used and validated internationally (Hardiman and Dewing, 2014)to achieve this. The team are currently developing Work-based Facilitators of Person-centred practice who  will in turn enable others in their work area to enhance existing knowledge and begin to measure effectiveness. We are delighted that our colleagues in the HSE are also starting a national programme to develop work-based facilitators to implement person-centred ways of working and we are happy to share our experience with them. 

Over the coming months we are preparing to implement a brand new electronic record for patients coming into the Galway Clinic. Uniquely the nursing team have used the impetus of the new system to redesign the total nursing record, to help it reflect the person-centred relationship we wish to foster and capture and what is uniquely important to the patient. We have worked hard on developing the content of the nursing record to meet all of the legal, ethical and international best practice standards. We have called the new record The Galway Clinic Complete Electronic Nursing Record /GCCENR© and anticipant that the record will be useful to other services developing electronic patient records into the future.  

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