Collaborative Research commencing in Nursing in the Galway Clinic

Tuesday, 05 June 2018
Collaborative Research commencing in Nursing in the Galway Clinic

The quest to be recognised as an exemplar site for person-centred practice moved closer this month with confirmation that we will be undertaking research on the Galway Clinic Complete Electronic Nursing Record (GCCENR). The nursing team took the opportunity to re-write the nursing record when we moved from Meditech 5 to ECuram in May 2017. It was a mammoth task to develop a bespoke nursing record that was person-centred and met all the requirements and standards needed in a nursing record. One year on we now wish to see if the record has contributed to a person-centred culture and the delivery of person-centred care.

We are excited that the World renowned Person-centred Practice Research centre in Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and the University of Ulster in Belfast have agreed to work collaboratively with us to research the effectiveness of the GCCENR. The research aims to:

·       To evaluate how the Galway Clinic Complete Electronic Nursing Record (GCCENR) contributes to person-centredness within the clinic based on The Person-centred Framework (McCormack and McCance 2017)

·       To identify any patterns between person-centred practices and traditional nursing metrics in the Galway Clinic.

·       To suggest how the GCCENR can be further developed and any strategic and education/learning implications.

It is anticipated that the unique record will contribute significantly to the knowledge understanding and impact of person-centred documentation within an electronic format for nursing nationally and internationally, contributing to the nursing vision of developing a world –class nursing team.

This is an exciting and unique opportunity for staff who have committed to facilitating person-centred ways of working to gain research skills and measure and develop evidence from our practice here in the Galway Clinic.

Watch out for further updates in the coming months.

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