Developing Person-Centred cultures in the Galway Clinic

Tuesday, 05 June 2018
Developing Person-Centred cultures in the Galway Clinic

Person-centredness has long been associated with nursing practice and the relationship between the nurse and the patient in order to deliver respectful, individualised and dignified care. In more recent years person-centredness has been included in healthcare policy at all levels.  Key to person-centredness is that it involves more than patient-centredness and intrinsically looks at how the systems, processes, people (staff) serves to make the experience of being here (as staff or patient) a positive one. Patients expect clinical excellence and good clinical outcomes, but as emotional beings people look for more than a cure or symptom management and expect to be listened to and responded in the way they want us to. This concept may appear simple, yet it is known to be very complex.

The Galway Clinic have adopted the Person-centred Practice Framework (McCormack and McCance 2017) to guide the development of a person-centred culture.  Evidence suggests that this does not happen on its own and requires purposeful facilitated actions to develop a person-centred culture.

Since commencing the programme greater awareness of unique and individual needs of patients and their families have been incorporated into everyday engagement. Focus on the four outcomes for Person-centred Care (1) Satisfaction with Care (2) Involvement with Care (3) feeling of well-being (4) Creation of a healthful culture (McCormack and McCance 2017) are being measured and collated as part of the evaluation of the programme.

An example of this work is demonstrated in the development of Galway Clinic Complete Electronic Nursing record (GCCENR). In this record, person-centred language and person-centred preferences of patients have been embedded within a bespoke electronic care record which further enhances our ability to measure the patient care experience. This initiative is world leading in care documentation and is already demonstrating positive impact on patient experience. We will continue to work as a team to respond to patients and their families by building compassionate caring relationships and focusing on what matters to patients, bringing our bi-line to life Galway Clinic – What matters is you.

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