Cardiology Services

Welcome to the Galway Clinic Cardiology Department

Here you will find information regarding the treatments and services that we provide, information regarding our Cardiology Team and what to expect on your journey through our cardiology department.

For further information, please contact our cardiology appointments office on, 091 785 633.

Why You Might be Referred

  • High or low blood pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Breathlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Blackouts
  • Palpations

The Specialists Doctors are known as Cardiologists. The Galway Clinic has a team of 10 Consultant Cardiologists who have trained in some of the worlds leading hospitals.

The Galway Clinic is proud to have Cardiologists who are leaders in their field and can offer a broad range of expert service.

Our Cardiology Department is also supported by our full-time Cardiothoracic Surgeon

There are a number of ways you can be referred to the Cardiology Department at the Galway Clinic:

  • Your GP can refer you directly to the Cardiologist of your choice.
  • Please call the Emergency Department on 091 785 999 to arrange an appointment where you will be seen by an ED consultant and he/she can refer you for tests and consultation with the Cardiology Team. 

 Diagnostic Tests

There are a number of tests that can give the cardiology team an accurate picture of what is happening to you in relation to your heart such as:

Non Invasive Interventions

Invasive Interventions


Meet The Team

Cardiology Team Leader

Our cardiology services manager is an experienced nursing leader who has extensive experience in managing and leading the cardiology department. Ensuring that the patients receive the highest standard of care throughout their care journey in the Galway Clinic.


Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Our Advanced Nurse Practitioner (RANP) is an expert nurse who has additional qualifications in the fields of Cardiothoracic Surgery and is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board as an expert in the field. The RANP works closely with the Cardiothoracic Surgeon and will meet with patients before and after surgery providing additional expertise and support to the patient and their families.


Clinical Nurse Specialist

Our Clinical Nurse specialist is a nurse who has advanced knowledge in cardiology and advises patients and their families about healthy lifestyles and recovery following cardiac events. Our Cardiology CNS works closely with our Interventional Cardiologists and Cardiac Nurses providing assistance, support and information to patients as an essential part of their care.


Cardiology Physiologist

The Cardiology Physiologist at the Galway Clinic carries out cardiac tests, such as echocardiograms, ECGs, Holter monitors (24-hour ECG), blood pressure measurement. They may also work in the catheter lab assisting with angiogram and angioplasty procedures, or pacemaker/ ICD implantation. You will also meet them if you have a pacemaker and/ or ICD, for regular check-ups.

Nursing Staff

Our nursing team have all received additional training in the care of patients who have cardiology problems. We are proud that over 70% of our nurses hold post-graduate qualifications along with their basic training.


Our Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.

What to expect when coming for a procedure

Here in the Cardiology Department of the Galway Clinic, we understand that any hospital visits can be an anxious time for not just a patient but their family also. The following information will guide you through the process of attending our cardiology department for tests and surgery.

Angio Day Unit

This is where you will be admitted to and recover after an angiogram, cardioversion or Trans-oesophageal Echocardiogram.

Individuals who are undergoing an Angioplasty/Stenting, Electrophysiology and device implants are admitted pre-procedure to the ADU and post procedure, admitted to our O'Malley Unit or our Coronary Care Unit for an overnight stay.


Cardiac Cath Lab

The heart of the operation! In this room, all invasive cardiac procedures are performed.

Procedures are carried out by 10 cardiologists; 3 resident of the Galway Clinic and 7 visiting, who perform procedures at various times between Monday and Friday of each week.


Cardiology Inpatient Services

For some procedures, you may be admitted pre-procedure and stay overnight after you have had your surgery. If this is required you will be admitted to the O'Malley Unit or Coronary Care Unit where highly skilled staff will ensure you receive the most advanced and caring medical support.

O’Malley Unit

O’Malley Unit is a 31 bedded unit which caters predominantly for Cardiology/Cardio-thoracic patients as well as other medical/surgical conditions as required. We also operate a 4 bedded CCU within the unit.


Coronary Care Unit

Our Coronary Care unit is a 4-bed unit located in our O'Malley ward. Patients who are admitted to the CCU will have constant monitoring by our specialist trained cardiac nursing staff.

CCU caters for all cardiology patients requiring specialist coronary care treatment.

Most of the patients can expect to spend a number of days in the Coronary Care Unit of the Galway Clinic where they will receive a high level of very specialised care.


Admission, what to bring and where to go

Our main focus is “patient-centred” care. At the Galway Clinic, we pride ourselves on making your stay with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We hope that the information contained will help answer any questions that you may have prior to your admission.


Additional Information – Why do we ask so many questions?

In order to make sure you are safe while you are with us we will need to ask you about your medical history and the detail about the symptoms, you have experienced.

 A nurse will call you the evening before your procedure to give you the time you should come in and it is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get to know us before you come through the doors.

The Galway Clinic has a person-centred philosophy of care and wants to tailor your care specifically to you. In order to do this, we may ask you questions about what is important to you-you are in control about how much you want to share. It helps us to get to know you and advise you correctly.