Holter Monitor

This is a continuous 24 hour ECG recording of the heart’s rhythm. This can be used to
investigate palpitations or detect any abnormalities of heart rhythm.

This involves placing ECG electrodes on the chest attached to a small monitor, similar to
a ‘Walkman’, carried at the waist, which records your heart-beat silently for 24 hours. You should keep a 24-hour diary to record any symptoms experienced and your activity at the time.

It is not necessary to be admitted to the hospital for this procedure. You come to the Cardiology Department to have it put on; this takes about half an hour, after which you may go home or back to work. You then return at the same time the following day to have it taken off again; this takes about ten minutes. The data are then downloaded and analysed. The result of the test is then sent to your Consultant.

While wearing the Holter Monitor it is advisable to

  • Wear a loose fitting shirt or blouse.
  • Remove heavy jewelry from around your neck.
  • Take normal exercise, but nothing wet or dangerous that could damage the monitor.
  • Keep monitor away from magnets
  • Keep the monitor dry; do NOT bathe or shower while wearing it.