Exercise treadmill Stress Test

This test is used to evaluate the response of the heart to exercise using a treadmill. Wear comfortable light clothing e.g. tracksuit legs or loose pants and comfortable non-slip walking shoes or trainers. Have a light snack or drink before procedure. Avoid coffee or caffeine products for 24 hours prior to test. If you are a diabetic have your usual breakfast or lunch and diabetic tablets/insulin.

Please bring the following with you:

  • Doctor’s note/appointment card
  • All your medications
  • Test will take approximately 45 mins
  • If you are taking any of the following prescribed BETABLOCKERS DO NOT take them on the morning of your test:
  • Ateni, Atenolol, Atenomel, Amolin, Atecor, Antogen, Artexal, Atenetic, Betaloc, Bisocor, Brevibloc, Beta-Adalat, Bisopane, Carimcor, Co-Betaloc, Emcor, Emcolol, Eucardic, Inderal, Inderal La, Lopressor, Metop, Metocor, Nebilet, Nif-Ten, Sectral, Sotocor, Sotoger, Selectol, Soprol, Tenormin, Tenoret, Tenoretic, Trandate, Trantalol, Viskaldix, Visken.

Please take all other drugs as prescribed.