Urgent Cardiac Care Unit

This dedicated Urgent Cardiac Care service is led and delivered by specialist Cardiologists from the Galway Clinic Heart Centre.

The aim of this clinic is to provide patients with a specialist assessment of their symptoms as quickly as possible. 

The Urgent Cardiac Care Service Provides

Prompt specialist assessment for suspected cardiac symptoms.
Initiates treatment to relieve symptoms and reduce risk.
Cardiologist advice on treatment plan regarding diagnosis.
Information on risk factor modification.

How Does It Work?

Our team, led by a Consultant Cardiologist will take your call and will discuss the symptoms that you might be having and put an action plan into place. 

If necessary, patients will be asked to come immediately into the Urgent Cardiac Care Unit where our team will be waiting for you. 

Our Cardiology Team of 12 Consultant Cardiologists and 25 healthcare professionals combined have carried out more than 40,000 procedures since 2004 in our Specialised Cardiology Centre. 

Our Urgent Cardiac Care service is supported by our on-site Cardiac Surgical Team and our on-site ICU. 

Opening Hours

By appointment only

Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday - 10am - 5pm