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Message from the Director of Nursing Sinead Hanley

The success of the Galway Clinic has been due in no small part to the excellent nursing staff, their commitment and delivery of high quality, compassionate, safe patient care. The Galway Clinic has a passion for innovation, focusing on high-end technology within the healthcare environment, delivering on advanced treatments and developing strong technical expertise. This has in turn enhanced and enabled nursing to deliver person centred care while focusing on the fundamentals of nursing, underpinned by education, advanced expertise, strong technical skills and confidence.

Every year, more than 70,000 patients from all over Ireland attend for their medical care. Galway Clinic has gained a strong reputation for contributing to patient health. I’ve worked in the Galway Clinic since it opened it in 2004 and I feel proud to be part of the professional and dynamic nursing team. As a team, we have worked hard to develop a culture where patients have a good care experience, feel involved in all aspects of their care and feel safe and reassured that the best possible treatments and care are being delivered. Our nursing staff focus on developing a meaningful relationship with their patients, regardless of how long they expect to be with us. To do that along with the usual clinical questions we ask our patients what is important to them, as we accompany them on their journey through what can be a strange unfamiliar environment. 

Valuing our nursing team 

Nurses are seen as one of the most trusted professions in the world and we take that responsibility very seriously in the Galway Clinic. We also know we as a leadership team need to create the conditions where staff can flourish and develop to their full potential. Supported by the Executive management the Galway Clinic have invested in our nurse to develop professionally through postgraduate courses and in-house professional development ( Hyperlink to PD and Ed). We have low nurse-patient ratios to encouraging nurses to get to know who the patients are as a person rather than focusing on their presenting complaint. Creating this person-centred culture has resulted in a happier, more contented team which has resulted in strong recruitment and retention of nurses, lifting and reducing other pressures associated with low staffing. 

Galway Clinic nurses practice in many specialties across a variety of Career opportunities including positions in Surgery, Medicine, Perioperative, Cardiology, Oncology and Ambulatory nursing. The team includes an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Managers, Staff Nurses and Health Care Assistants, all working as part of a nursing team where the potential for personal and professional growth is unlimited. We are fortunate to work alongside hospital management and clinical colleagues alike, who assist in achieving our ultimate goal, delivering on the vision of a world-class nursing team here in the Galway Clinic. Check our current vacancies here.

Whether you are a newly qualified nurse, starting your professional life or already have a substantial career in nursing, we welcome you to explore a career in the Galway Clinic. Set overlooking the world-renowned Galway Bay. You will also discover a culture of teamwork, professionalism and most importantly a life-changing career in the West of Ireland.
We are happy to receive feedback on any aspect of our nursing service through [hyperlink to Feedback forms]. If you wish to speak to a member of the nursing leadership team we will be happy to take your call on the numbers provided above. 


Philosophy of Nursing in the Galway Clinic

The aim of nursing at the Galway Clinic is to deliver high quality, person centred care to patients and their families based on a foundation of evidence-based practice and the existence of a person-centred Culture. This is enabled by skilled confident and competent nurse practitioners who recognise the uniqueness of each individual, building relationships to ease the patient through their journey of care whilst supporting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. To achieve this, nursing staff advocate, listen to their patients and coordinate their care in a timely, empathetic and compassionate manner. As a team we value ourselves and each other as unique individuals who we respect, empower and support in the delivery of person-centred care. 

In line with the hospital vision of excellence in patient care, we work as part of a multidisciplinary team to meet all of our patient’s needs. The Galway Clinic supports the advancement of nursing practice and expertise for both individuals and teams.

Nursing Vision

Our vision is to excel and maintain high standards through practice development, education and research within an interdisciplinary and person-centred working culture while ensuring a caring commitment to all patients and healthcare colleagues. We aim to enhance nurse-patient relationships and involve their families to plan and deliver the most appropriate care using the most advanced knowledge available. Ultimately our aim is to develop a world-class nursing team within the Galway Clinic.


This is a key focus of our nursing strategy- choosing competent and exceptional staff.

Using the Person- Centred Framework and the CIP principles of Collaboration, Inclusion and Participation as the key to matching the right person in the right place helps us to move beyond the professional to get to know the person.

The interview process focuses on the prerequisites defined in the PCN Framework as

  • Professionally competent staff, focusing on the knowledge and skill of the nurse to make decisions and prioritise care, their qualifications and clinical experience to enable them to be clinically competent for each specific setting.
  • Developed Interpersonal Skills; communication, verbal and non-verbal and perceptive knowledge and knowing what matters to the patient.
  • Commitment to the job; looking for nurses who continue to enjoy the work and are stimulated by their role and are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for patient care
  • Clarity of Beliefs and Values: matching nurses who have strong values that match with the values and philosophy of nursing practice within the clinic. Matching the core beliefs of respect and dignity for each individual.
  • Knowing Self based on the assumption that before we can help others we need to have insight into the way we focus on a person and human interaction and feelings. Personal value systems influence professional lifestyles
We look forward to meeting exceptional nurses who wish to share our journey.