Cardiology Cath Lab

Unit Managers

CNM 3 Nessa Gillen 091 785526

CNM 2 Alma Murphy 091 785608

CNM 1 Orla Murphy 091 78 5798

CNM 1 Aine Murphy 091 785798

About the team

The team consists of a mix of 16 Nurses and 7 Cardiac technicians which are cross-trained in all modalities.

The Cath Lab and Non-Invasive (NICE) departments are open Monday to Friday.

An on-call service is available for Cath Lab weekends and bank holidays 10:00-19:00hrs.

The Cardiology Cath Lab consists of the following areas;

Non-Invasive Department (NICE)

This is where you will have your Exercise Stress tests, ECHO, Cardiac and Blood pressure monitoring exams performed. It is also where pacemaker and implant checks are completed.

Angio Day unit (ADU)

This is where you will be admitted to and recovered after an angiogram, cardioversion or Trans-oesophageal Echocardiogram. Individuals who are undergoing an Angioplasty/Stenting, Electrophysiology and device implants are admitted pre-procedure to the ADU and post procedure, admitted to a ward for an overnight stay.

Cardiac Cath Lab

The heart of the operation! In this room, all invasive cardiac procedures are performed. Procedures are carried out by 8 cardiologists; 3 resident of the Galway Clinic and 5 visiting, who perform procedures at various times between Monday and Friday each week.

Patient Information

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