Nurse Practice Development & Education

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Nurse Practice Development, Research & Education Facilitator 
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The aim of the Practice Development and Education team at the Galway Clinic is to inspire and energise our nursing team to continuously review and develop their practice to support delivery of high quality, evidence based nursing for the benefit of our patients and their families.

Practice Development is about improving practice through the development of person-centred cultures. This means that it focuses on raising awareness, working with shared values and beliefs that staff holds about care, building on existing knowledge, experience and expertise and supports developments that are evidence informed, both in and from practice. This evidence, derived from practice informs policies and guidelines through cooperative enquiry involving the whole team.

Practice Development is a continuous journey that involves ongoing learning and understanding of all of the elements that impact on person centred outcomes for patients. Enabling our vision of Excellence in Patient Care to be embodied by all members of nursing team.

Model of Practice - Person Centred Practice

The nursing team in the Galway clinic have adopted the Person Centred Practice Framework (McCormack, McCance, 2010) as their model for clinical practice.

This framework was chosen for its holistic application of a whole system approach, stimulating the development of therapeutic relationships between professionals and patients and others who can impact of the outcomes for patients. McCance et al , (2010) in describing the framework link the humanistic caring principles of (1)respect for the person (2) the rights of individuals as persons;(3) respect for values and beliefs ; (4)mutual respect and understanding and (5) the development of therapeutic relationships .

Recruitment Policy – Choosing the right person for the right place

This is a key focus of nursing strategy. Choosing competent and exceptional staff.

Using the person Centred Framework and the CIP principles of Collaboration, Inclusion and participation as the key to matching the right person in the right place. Moving beyond the professional to the person .

The interview process focuses on the pre requisites defined in the PCN Framework as

  • Professionally competent staff, focusing on the knowledge and skill of the nurse to make decisions and prioritise care, their qualifications and clinical experience to enable them to be clinically competent for each specific setting.
  • Developed Interpersonal Skills ; communication, verbal and non verball and perceptive knowledge and knowing what matters to the patient.
  • Commitment to the job; looking for nurses who continue to enjoy the work and are stimulated by their role and are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for patient care
  • Clarity of Beliefs and Values : matching nurses who have strong values that match with the values and philosophy of nursing practice within the clinic. Matching the core beliefs of respect and dignity for each individual.
  • Knowing Self based on the assumption that before we can help others we need to have insight into the way we focus as a person and human interaction and feelings. Personal value systems influence professional lifestyles

Creating a culture of learning in the workplace

Undergraduate learning environment Currently the Galway Clinic has formal arrangements to provide clinical and experiential placements for Undergraduate students from Galway and Mayo Institute of Technology; National University of Ireland Galway and Athlone Institute of Technology. Placements are currently provided in three wards Mother Teresa’s, John Paul and Freyer Ward.

Central to the practice of adult learning is the necessity to provide an environment of mutual respect, partnership, support and trust.

Nursing Audit and Evaluation

A key focus of the nursing strategy is to develop capacity for evidence informed practice. Nurses are actively supported to undertake Post Graduate Education with nurses undertaking higher diplomas, masters and doctoral studies in various subject areas relating to nursing and care processes. As part of these programmes nurses are formally researching their practice and applying the knowledge directly back into the workplace. Audit and evaluation is an everyday activity and is used to inform practice.

Nursing standards

In late 2014 – the nursing team wishing to set minimum standards relating to their care developed the first two in a planned series of standards that improves the quality and sets the minimum standards for care. It is hoped to expand the standards and to have a total of nine standards before end of 2015.