CT Scan

CT or CAT scan uses ionising radiation to acquire cross sectional images of your anatomy. The CT scanner has a circular opening in which a table passes through. The CT scanner is not enclosed, but if you suffer from claustrophobia, please inform the attendant Radiographer and they will make you as comfortable as possible during the procedure.
In the Galway Clinic we have a multislice scanner which allows us to gather more information in a shorter time.
If you are having an abdominal CT scan you will need to check in 1 hour before your procedure to drink contrast for your exam. Your exam may also require the use of IV contrast which involves the injection of an iodine based contrast into the arm. The contrast is required in order for the image to be visible.
The self paying price for a CT scan is €325.00
*Imaging such as CT Colonography, whole spine and CT Cardiac Studies are excluded from this price. 

For further information or for any queries, please contact the Radiology Department on 1800 123450 or email radiology@galwayclinic.com