Here at the Galway Clinic, we have the first PET-CT in the West of Ireland


What you need to know:




PET-CT is a combination of two imaging tools (PET and CT) which provide both functional and positional information of the area under examination. It is used most frequently in oncology. PET uses a small amount of radioactive glucose (FDG) to identify areas in the body which are overactive (e.g.: tumours), while CT allows the radiologist to identify which organs are involved.




Once your doctor has arranged for you to have a PET-CT you will be contacted by us to arrange an appointment. If you require a change in your appointment date or time please let us know two days before your scan.


The Galway Clinic has agreements with the HSE and all major insurers.






You must fast for 6 hours prior to your appointment time. For the day before the procedure you should avoid high sugar foods. If you have any queries as to what you can and cannot eat please ask us when we phone with your appointment. If you are diabetic we will make special arrangements for you.


Rest & Driving


You must avoid strenuous exercise the day before and the morning of the scan. You will receive a mild sedative before your test therefore you should not drive to the Galway Clinic for your appointment.




You should drink 4 glasses of water on the morning of your scan before you leave home.




All medications can be taken (with water only) on the day of the scan. If you normally take medications during the day please bring them with you. If you are asthmatic you should bring your inhalers with you.




You will be in the diagnostic imaging department for approximately 3 hours. 


If you have any queries about PET/CT, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Radiography team who are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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