Welcome to the Radiotherapy Department at the Galway Clinic

Our mission in the department of Radiotherapy is to provide the highest possible standard of care for patients and their families during their treatment. The continuum of care is essential in the treatment of cancer from diagnosis through to follow up and our small focused and friendly multidisciplinary team ensures this quality of care. The department uses state of the art equipment allowing us to deliver precise treatments whilst implementing the most up to date techniques in radiotherapy planning and treatment.
For further information, please contact the Radiotherapy Reception on 091 785 551.

Radiation Treatment and Care 

Treatment is delivered by a dedicated team of Radiation Therapists who ensure the safe and accurate delivery of treatment and maintain an accurate record of treatment. This involves the use of a SiemensOncor linear accelerator, equipped with MLC and a flat panel imaging device which is used in conjunction with DRR’s for treatment verification. The dose prescribed to be delivered is also verified during the course of treatment using dose reading meters (diodes).
On the first day of treatment a Radiation Therapist will provide clear and accurate treatment information, advice and support to the patient. An appointment schedule tailored to suit his/her individual circumstances is then given. Throughout the course of treatment and following on from it the patient is carefully monitored by a highly trained multidisciplinary team which consists of the Radiation Therapists, Physicists, Consultant Radiation Oncologist and Oncology nurse, with links to support groups and a wider field of health.