Sleep Service

oor quality sleep can have a hugely negative impact on patients and their family members affecting all parts of life.

The Sleep Service is run on multidisciplinary lines and once diagnosis is confirmed treatment may be carried out by a variety of professionals depending on the problem.

Diagnosing and treating sleep Apnoea is available at the Galway Clinic through our dedicated Respiratory team.

You will spend 1-3 nights in the Clinic and during this time we will determine if you have Sleep Apnoea and if so commence you on appropriate treatment.

Sleep procedures and treatments:

1. Limited Sleep Studies

2. CPAP Titration Studies (initiating treatment for sleep apnoea and ensure appropriate usage of CPAP)

Arranging Appointments:

Access to the Sleep Service for assessment and /or treatment is by referral from a GP or another specialist.

Contact one of our Respiratory consultants directly in their suites.