Galway Clinic Go Green with EcoMerit Certification June 2022

EcoMerit is a leading Irish environmental certification company which helps Irish businesses to improve their environmental performance. Their certification programme focuses on waste, water and energy impacts.

The role of the Certified Members includes:

·        Ongoing and indefinite improvement of their own environmental performance.

·        Promoting environmental awareness among their stakeholders, including owners, staff, suppliers and customers.

EcoMerit believe that small changes over time can have a big impact, and this is reflected on the certification programmes model of continuous assessment and improve in the current climate crisis.

Ireland has a set target to reduce carbon emissions by 7%annually and businesses have a huge role to play in reducing our use of resources to support this ambition. To achieve the EcoMerit Certification, we have to put in place a comprehensive programme of energy, waste and water efficiencies to reduce our Blackrock Health Group’s overall environmental footprint. Together we are working to build a sustainable future.

Limerick Clinic

limerick clinic
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