Galway Clinic sponsors the ‘Streets of Galway 8k’ for the fifth year - August 2022

The first race was held in 1986, and it is now one of the most prestigious sporting events in the West of Ireland, with 989 participants completing the race last year. We are expected to reach over 2,000 applicants this reverting back to pre-covid numbers.

Galway Clinic has been sponsoring the ‘Streets of Galway 8k’ road race since 2017.

Galway Clinic, part of Blackrock Health, we firmly believe that our duty of care extends beyond our patients to encompass the entire community here in Galway and across the region.

On behalf of Blackrock Health at Galway Clinic we would like to wish everyone taking part in this year’s Streets of Galway 8k the very best of luck.  style="letter-spacing: 0.2px;"></p></div>
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