Radiology Department - June 2021

Galway Clinic Ultrasound Department are delighted to introduce Trophon®2 fully automated, closed decontamination units for high-level disinfection (HDL) for all our Semi Invasive Ultrasound Probes (SIUPs).
This system is internationally recognised as best practice in ultrasound probe disinfection and offers a fast, simple and fully validated process for decontamination of SIUPs through an inbuilt tracking and traceability function.
This will ensure Galway Clinic adheres to the highest national and international safety standards through a standardised approach thereby providing an enhanced risk reduction in infection transmission".
The Trophon®2 will be used in the main Ultrasound Department for transvaginal (TV), transrectal (TR) and all interventional radiology (IR) ultrasound guided procedures with immediate effect.
Thank you Ralph Cullinan, from Wassenburg Medical who provided the Galway Clinic with Trophon®2 units.

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