Volunteer Programme

The Volunteer Programme

The Volunteer programme is an integral part of the culture in the Galway Clinic. Our Volunteers are a very valued group of dedicated people who make such a difference to the lives of our patients and their families.  We offer a number of services from the department, ranging from support and reassurance to new innovative opportunities such as creative writing workshops.
There is nothing more compassionate, more effective and more rewarding than becoming part of a team whose focus is central to the wellbeing of others in the face of illness, distress and sometimes grief.

Why become a Volunteer

For  most people Volunteering is a positive powerful experience that enables one to seek personal fulfilment and growth. Their committed work ethic makes it possible for us as a team to expand services and resources which enhance the patient journey.  
“I feel I am helping people that are on a journey, giving something back for all the wonderful blessings I have in my life”     Catherine

Volunteer Opportunities

At the Galway Clinic our Volunteers receive ongoing support and training to ensure their own well being is cared for eg. Communication, Manual Handling and Fire Safety.
There are opportunities is many areas across the Clinic and our goal is to try to match the interest of each volunteer to an area of their preference. We are looking to develop new innovative workshops for example if someone is an artist of any kind – a musician, painter, writer, you can help provide patients with a means for self expression and diversion.

Some Duties Provided by Volunteers

  • Main Atrium – Welcome Service 
  • Eucharistic Ministry 
  • To acquire shopping, gifts etc for patients 
  • Assist in departments as appropriate 
  • Assist with filling menus 
  • Busy Departments/Waiting Rooms – offer magazines, chairs, conversation & reassurance
  • Companionship
“Volunteering for me is an opportunity for reaching out and helping” John

Applying and Preparing to Volunteer

To become a volunteer at the Galway Clinic, please submit a letter of application to, Human Resources Dept. Galway Clinic.
Each new applicant will be offered an interview and following Garda Clearance will be advised of their new role as a Volunteer.
Each Volunteer will be offered free meals and parking and after 12 months will be entitled to a health screen every second year after that.

Will you Join our Service ?

If this opportunity sounds like something you might be interested in and you would like to give a few hours now and again. Then please contact us on 091 78 5000. 

We would love to hear from you.

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