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Dr Ali

Ali, Dr. Sardar

Secretary: Darlene
Suite: 33
Fax: 091 720 166


Respiratory Medicine General/Internal Medicine

Personal Details:

Dr Sardar Ali (FRCPI, MRCP, FCCP, MSc, DMM) received his post-graduation from both the UK and Ireland.  He has trained in various medical institutions in Ireland, the UK, France and the US, and is a certified Chest Specialist with more than two decades of experience in clinical medicine

Professional Details:

Dr Ali is pleased to provide specialist care in:

-- Sleep Disordered Breathing (Sleep Apnoeas, Narcolepsy, Cataplexy, Nocturnal Hypoventilation and Periodic Legs Movements)

 -- Acute & Chronic Airway Diseases (Bronchial Asthma/COPD)

-- Acute & Chronic Lung Infections

-- Lung Fibrosis and other Chronic Lung Diseases

-- Chronic Respiratory Failure (Assessment for oxygen therapy)

-- Full Lung Function Tests, including Airway Challenge Tests

-- Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Stress Tests

-- Interventional bronchoscopies (TBBX, TBNA and BBx)

-- EBUS (Endobronchial Ultrasound for hilar/mediastinal lymph node biopsies)

-- Appointments may be made by referral from GP or consultant to:

Current Membership:

American College of Chest Physicians American Thoracic Society European Respiratory Society