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Sullivan, Prof. Frank

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Radiation Oncology

Personal Details:

Professor Frank Sullivan is Vice Dean for Strategic Partnerships and Adjunct Professor of Medicine, NUI Galway; Visiting Professor of Radiation Medicine at Hofstra University, New York; and the Medical Director, Department of Radiation Oncology at the Galway Clinic. Professor Sullivan is the Founding Director of the Prostate Cancer Institute (PCI), a constituent research institute of NUI Galway. He is the Deputy Director, Galway Clinical Research Facility and Associate Director for Oncology in that organization.

Professional Details:

Professor Sullivan spent 18 years in the US, and trained in both Medical as well as Radiation Oncology at the US National Cancer Institute (NCI). He served formerly as the Chief (Acting), Radiation Oncology Branch, NCI Bethesda Maryland (1991-1995). Until March 2005, he served as the Cancer Institute Medical Director for Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, and Medical Director for the Thoracic Research Program at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland. He has served as the CEO and Medical Director of Maryland Regional Cancer Care (MRCC), a network of seven radiation Centers in Montgomery, Prince Georges' and Charles Counties, Maryland. Professor Sullivan was the co-founding partner of Associates in Radiation Medicine (ARM) a private practice of radiation oncologists, and the Chairman of Radiation Management Associates (RMA), and Associates in Medical Physics (AMP), both cancer management/service companies, with both public, as well as, private sector contracts, still trading profitably in the US. He is author of practice guidelines, numerous publications in cancer research, as well as several book chapters in Radiation Oncology. Professor Sullivan serves on several Boards involved in cancer management in Ireland.

Current Membership:

Prof. Sullivan is Fellowship trained in Medical Oncology (NCI), and Board certified in Radiation Oncology (USA).