Emergency Room News

New Opening Hours- 7 Day Service 

The Galway Clinic Emergency Room will operate Monday to Friday from 10am until 6pm and Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays from 10am until 5pm. 

Change in opening times for the Galway Clinic Emergency Room

Our Emergency Room have put together some guidelines for GPs regarding what type of patient that we can treat in the Emergency Room in the Galway Clinic. I hope this will be of some assistance to you. Please do not hesitate to contact the Galway Clinic Accident & Emergency Department if you require any further information on 091 785999.
All patients will be charged an initial consultation fee of €140. If the Consultant deems that additional diagnostic tests are required, a fee will apply for these tests, however all A&E fees are capped at a maximum fee of €495.

Some of the A&E fees and associated charges may be recoverable through the patient’s health insurance, subject to their out-patient excess.

Patients suitable for Emergency Room at the Galway Clinic:

Patients 16 years and over with:
  • Acute medical conditions
  • Acute cardiology conditions
  • Acute surgical conditions
  • Acute and sub-acute trauma. (However there is no admission service for acute trauma; patients likely to need fracture reduction or fixation e.g. obvious limb deformity or suspected fracture neck of femur, should be referred to the appropriate HSE service.)
  • Acute and sub-acute musculoskeletal conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Soft tissue infections
  • Suspected DVT (but note Doppler ultrasound is not available after 4pm or at weekends)
  • Children aged 5 years and over with minor injuries
Please call the Emergency Room in advance of referring patients with Eye, ENT, Gynaecology or Urology problems to ensure that the requisite specialist cover is available should onward referral from the ER be necessary.

Patients unsuitable for Emergency Room at Galway Clinic:

  • Patients under 16 years with medical or surgical conditions
  • Patients requiring resuscitation
  • Major trauma
  • Head injuries with a reduced level of consciousness
  • Maxillofacial problems
  • Suspected tendon, nerve or vascular injury
  • Acute stroke - patients should be referred via 999 to the appropriate HSE service
  • Psychiatric conditions

Chronic ongoing conditions may be referred to the appropriate specialty outpatient service:

  • Chronic back pain may be referred to orthopedic or spinal surgery
  • Chronic abdominal pain may be referred to surgery or gastroenterology
  • Dermatological conditions may be referred to dermatology
  • Chronic headache may be referred to neurology

Indications for admission:

  • Most conditions are investigated and managed as outpatients.
  • There must be clear medical indications for acute admission to the hospital or the insurance companies may fail to pay for the admission.
It is our intention to supply a comprehensive, efficient and seven-day emergency facility. We are pleased to inform you that the involvement of surgeons currently practicing at the university hospital in providing cover for our department has now increased.
We welcome your feedback in developing the service.
Please contact Claire Henry, GP Liaison Officer, on 087 6780000 or claire.henry@galwayclinic.com with any queries. 

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