Referral Pathways

There are many ways that a GP/Consultant can refer a patient to the Galway Clinic. 

Healthlink Portal - For Radiology and Consultant referrals 

In February 2019 the Galway Clinic launched Healthlink referrals for GP’s who wish to referral their patients to the Galway Clinic Radiology Department and to the Galway Clinic Consultants.

When referring to a Galway Clinic Consultant you must name a relevant Consultant. Any referrals who do not have a Galway Clinic Consultant attached will be returned.

You can send Healthlink Referrals via the following systems:

  • Healthlink Website

  • Healthone

  • Socrates

  • Helix Practice Manager

  • Complete GP


You can refer securely using your Healthmail email address to any email address. 


Please address your referral letter to the relevant department or Consultant.


You can download our Radiology referral form for either Galway or Limerick Clinic, please select:

Galway Clinic: here

Limerick Clinic: here