Preparing For Admission

Before Your Admission

Our main focus is “patient-centered” care at the Galway Clinic, we pride ourselves on making your stay with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We hope that the information below will help answer any questions that you may have prior to your admission.


If you are currently taking any medication that has been prescribed to you by your GP or Consultant please bring it with you on admission. To ensure there is no interruption to your daily medication cycle please supply all medication if possible in their original packaging to the admitting nurse. 

If you take herbal supplements please supply all packaging information to your admitting nurse.

Personal Items / Belongings

Fresh towels and basic toiletries are supplied for you on a daily basic but please feel free to bring any additional toiletries with you that you may require. We do not advise you to bring large amount of cash or expensive jewellery in case they become misplaced during your stay.

Special Requirements

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Admission Manager on 091 785813 if you have any special requirements whilst you are staying with us. We aim to make you stay in the Galway Clinic as comfortable as possible.

Smoking Policy

The Galway Clinic is a smoke free facility this also includes the use of E-Cigarettes. Patients and Visitors who wish to smoke may do so in the designated smoking areas only.