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Galway Clinic provides two options for you to access your medical imaging. You can request to receive your medical imaging via BEAM which is electronically or by CD.


Galway Clinic now share images electronically via BEAM. BEAM is a web based image sharing tool. It allows for convenient access to images on most devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Beam is simple to use and is a highly secure way to manage the electronic exchange of diagnostic imaging studies around the world.

Please complete the form on the below link and once we have processed your details you will receive an email and a text verification code to access your images. 

Click here to complete form

Please note this code and link will expire after 24 hours if the images are not accessed. If this occurs please email to request your link again if it has expired or call 091 785355 (option 1) to leave your contact details.

The images will remain in the cloud for 30 days once accessed.


Galway Clinic provides you with the option to request your medical imaging via CD/disc. If you require your images on a CD, the Galway Clinic requires written consent to authorise the release of personal data or please click on the link below to complete the form:

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Privacy Notice

At Galway Clinic we are committed to protecting all personal data which we collect from patients. You can find more information on how we process your data in our patient privacy notice by clicking privacy notice found at the bottom of the page.